How Focusing on Neurodiversity Can Aid Business Growth

Neurodiversity refers to the variation of human brains, including differences in learning, attention, mood, and other neurological functions. It is the concept that neurological differences, including those labeled as “disorders,” are normal and should be respected as a natural variation in the human experience. These differences include conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others. […]

A Thin Line Between Follow-Up and Stalking

follow up or stalking

back to all Once you interview for a position, following up with the interviewer is beneficial.  It is significantly effective whether you get the job or not.  Follow-up after an interview demonstrates the personal and professional qualities that most employers seek.  It shows dedication, attention to detail, and the ability to follow through on projects […]

Chronological Resume vs. Functional Resume

back to all Your first point of contact with an employer is your resume.  You must think of your resume and a marketing tool or advertisement that will entice a potential employer to know more about you.  You must put a great deal of effort into creating a resume that highlights all of your skills […]

What’s in an email address?

back to all As challenging as the current job market is, you want to present yourself as a career professional. Your resume is very important because it gives employers a first impression of you and your skills. However, some people fall short in professionalism with one minor detail… their email address. Even though an email […]

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer

back to all Why Hire A Professional Resume Writer One of the most important aspects of a job search that individuals struggle with is the ability to sell themselves. Individuals must know how to maximize their skills, abilities, and accomplishments in their resume. The ability to “brag” about their accomplishments is where individuals fall short. […]