Negotiating Salary: How to Get What You Deserve

Negotiating your salary can be an intimidating and uncomfortable process, but it’s important to ensure that you’re being paid fairly for your work. The first step in negotiating your salary is to research industry standards for your job and location. This will help you determine a reasonable salary range and give you leverage during negotiations. […]

A Thin Line Between Follow-Up and Stalking

follow up or stalking

back to all Once you interview for a position, following up with the interviewer is beneficial.  It is significantly effective whether you get the job or not.  Follow-up after an interview demonstrates the personal and professional qualities that most employers seek.  It shows dedication, attention to detail, and the ability to follow through on projects […]

Why Am I Not Getting Promoted?

back to all Having longevity at an organization can be a great way to show your loyalty and grow in an organization.  In most cases, you have worked in your position for an extended period, and you are working for an organization that is very successful, respected, and a leader in its field.  Some individuals […]