Why Am I Not Getting Promoted?

Having longevity at an organization can be a great way to show your loyalty and grow in an organization.  In most cases, you have worked in your position for an extended period, and you are working for an organization that is very successful, respected, and a leader in its field.  Some individuals feel that being a part of a well-received organization is the best opportunity to expand your skills and take on new challenges.

Even though you are working for the organization of your dreams, they may not have the growth opportunities you are looking for to catapult your career to the next level.  Despite what experts think, being promoted when you have worked for an organization for an extended time can be challenging.  Most times, organizations don’t see your worth until you are offered a position at one of the competitors.  You love the organization; however, you feel that they want to keep you under their radar.  In most cases, they are afraid to let your go because you are very good at what you do.  However, this mentality has kept many from being promoted.  Here are a few things that you can do to advance your career within your current organization.

Develop Mentoring Relationships
It is a great idea to have a mentoring relationship with someone higher in the organization. This individual should be someone in the position you seek to have one day.  Mentors can be a great source of information and give excellent career guidance.  They can tell you what you are doing and not doing to get where you want to go.

Bond with Your Boss
It is also a great idea to get your boss or supervisor involved.  Most times, people don’t get a promotion because they don’t ask for one.  You need to make your boss a key supporter in your role in the organization.  Your boss can give you more responsibilities and challenges in your current position to help strengthen your skills.  More importantly, stress your interest in staying with the organization.  Use performance appraisals to go over your accomplishments and potential roadblocks to a promotion — and how to overcome those roadblocks.

Act and Dress the Part
It is so important to act and look the part. Often, individuals are looked over for promotions because of their lack of professionalism and appearance.  You must look at yourself and ask, “Do I look like the job I want.”  If you look and dress like a low-level worker, then chances are you will only be considered for lower-level positions.  However, if you look and act like a manager, you will be one.  Just think of it as going on a job interview…….Everyday!

Create Your Own Opportunities
Always study the needs and challenges of the organizations.  If there is an area that has been neglected and has experience in that area, write a proposal for a new position.  This will help you to make a name for yourself and show your problems solving skills.  It is also a great idea to volunteer to assist other departments and teams will special projects or join various committees.  This will increase your value and show your interest in helping the organization grow and succeed.

Know Your Worth
You must know what you are worth.  Remaining confident in your skills and abilities is the most critical asset in being promoted in an organization.  Often, individuals question themselves when taking on new challenges.  However, you must know that you can accomplish any task if given a chance.  If your organization does not see your worth, then it may be time to find one that does.